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The K9MQ Collection

Here are five editions of The Carrier, the newsletter of the Calumet Amateur Radio Club (CARC). The editor is Charlie Hanusin, K9GSV, who writes a short column in each. The February edition names Ed Moskalick as a new member... Ed joined the QCWA to help with our reactivation of Chapter 36. Each PDF is about 1.5 MB.

January     February     March     April     October
All are from 1961

Mark's original callsign and QSL card

"This is a picture of me operating Field Day in 1996 when I was 15. Andy, W9FXT (then N9FXT), and his wife Pat, N9FXT (then N9OID) setup a pop up camper in their backyard for a youth field day with two other teenage hams (Chris, KB9JKS and Bryan, KB9MCI), besides myself. We had a blast!"

"Friend of mine, SK 2003, anyone that was active on two meters in the mid to late 90's probably talked to Dave. Used to hang out on 146.91 in Gary, 147.000 in Merrillville, 146.775 Valpo, and 147.285 Plymouth. He also had his own repeater on 147.075 in Rensselaer."

Chapter 36 member Stan's old callsign and QSL card

Chapter 36 member Andy's old callsign and QSL card

Longtime LCARC member, Bob. Lived in Schererville. SK 2009

Chapter 36 member Tom's old callsign and QSL card

"Nick, W9UM's old callsign. This card confirmed my first contact I made as an amateur in Feb. 1996."

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