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The KF9EX Collection

Thanks to Jim, KF9EX and the Lake County ARC for these items.

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William "Bill" Harney, W9SVZ, First QCWA 1964
QCWA Chapter 36 Charter Member
QCWA Life Member #4153

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William "Bill" Harney, W9SVZ, QCWA Life Member 1968
QCWA Chapter 36 Charter Member
QCWA Life Member #4153

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Malcolm "Mac" Swan, AB4PW (ex-W9AJA)

Alan Dewey, K9DHN

Carl Luetzelschwab, K9LA

Ralph Chandler, K9OXV

Dave Kaymark, K9UEE

QCWA Chapter 36 Member
George Kelly, K9WWT

Garry Fisher, K9WZB

Mike Evanson, KA9COM

Dick Werner, KA9KYV

Lucy Schendera, N9DTG

Ed Dranchak, N9FPW

Cyrus Read, W9AA

Herb Brier, W9EGQ
QCWA Chapter 36 Charter Member
QCWA Life Member #5670

William "Cy" Payne, W9EHZ

Ora Lambert, W9DDK

Holland Elsner, W9DGR

Amos Utterback, W9FB

Jay Baron, W9FGF

Bud Apon, W9HXR

Al Mahnke, W9JDM
QCWA Chapter 36 Charter Member

V.L. Harnack, W9LMO

Don Frye, W9ODM

John Miller, W9PBS
QCWA Chapter 36 Charter Member

Roy Hulvey, W9PLW

W9PLW photo stolen from Flick Lives website (credit to Steve Glazer)

Roy Hulvey, W9PLW

Larry Kraus, W9QPR

Cubby Usher, W9RWJ

Purdue University, W9YB

Carl Luetzelschwab, WA9AVT

John Ohm, WA9HGL

David Plews, WA9ITB

Clarke Gholson, WB9FJP

Everett Pence, WB9KBV

Bob Popiela, WB9NUG

Howard Marion, WB9ZFK

Nancy Kelly, WD9ETJ

Rick Terpstra, WN9Z

QCWA Chapter 36 Member
Bruce Balsley, W9OTN
W9OTN's QSL Collection for the W9SVZ return card of this QSO!

Jerry Copeland, WN9TEV
Same-day QSO as WN9OTN card above... more than fifty years ago.

Orin Lloyd, K9SNQ

1942 Post-Tribune article showing Roy, W9PLW (778 kb JPG)

1949 Post-Tribune article about Field Day (1.1 MB JPG)

Newspaper photo of QCWA Chapter 36 Member Mal Lunsford, W9MAL (276 KB)
(Click here to go to Mal's Member Page.)

LCARC Roster from 1958 (494 kb PDF)

LCARC Ham Of The Year winners since 1971 (29 kb DOC)

LCARC Herb Brier Award winners since 1978 (25 kb DOC)

LCARC Banquet programs from 1977 and 1978 (1.8 MB PDF)
Herb Brier, W9AD, is on the Banquet Committee in 1977. The 1978 Banquet is a Memorial to Herb.

1973 LCARC Banquet report with Herb Brier's full signature (516 kb PDF)

Copy of 2-page email from Nick, W9UM, sent in 2000 to ARRL with Herb Brier information (395 kb JPG)

Two letters (1964 and 1966) from Senator Barry Goldwater, K7UGA (406 kb PDF)
Barry regrets he can't attend the LCARC Banquet. One is personally signed.

Jim's mom, Betty Harney, about 1947, using amateur radio (428 kb JPG)
Unknown if she is operating Jim's dad's station (W9SVZ) or a friend's.

Jim's dad, W9SVZ, working on a transmitter (198 kb JPG)
Jim's dad was QCWA Chapter 36 Charter Member W9SVZ.

Jim's mom and dad, taken in 1980 (47 kb JPG)
Jim's dad was QCWA Chapter 36 Charter Member W9SVZ.

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