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The W9FXT Collection

Our many THANKS! go to Andy, W9FXT, for giving our chapter quite a few old items of historical interest. Among these items are several old QCWA Membership Directories (1987, 1989, and 1993), a QCWA Journal from Spring 1996, an original QSL and newspaper photo and article about Chapter 36 Charter Member Gil Galambus W9JZA, and a number of original documents belonging to John Hollis, N9MRS/W9MRS. All items below are courtesy of Andy, with the only exception being the photo of W9MRS provided by Jim Harney, KF9EX, and the Lake County ARC.

John Hollis, W9MRS, born June 10, 1913, was a well-known and well-liked local amateur and active QCWA member (#25223). He was probably first licensed as W9KGI (or WN9KGI) since he lists this call on his QSL shown below. I have also included the FCC "reference copy" of John's final license, which is still in the FCC database at this time. It seems that he probably received W9MRS as a vanity call on July 16, 1998 and this final license expired July 16, 2008. John passed away on September 12, 2008, at age 95, and is buried at St. Joseph Cemetery in Hammond. You can view his obituary online here.

John Hollis, W9MRS
(photo provided by Jim Harney, KF9EX, with thanks to the Lake Co. ARC)

John Hollis, N9MRS

N9MRS 1991 license
(click for larger view)

N9MRS 1992 license
(click for larger view)

N9MRS upgrade to General
(click for larger view)

N9MRS QCWA 50th Anniversary Award
(click for larger view)

Click here for PDF file showing FCC "Reference Copy" of W9MRS final license (105 KB)

Gil Galambus, W9JZA
QCWA Chapter 36 Charter Member

Click this photo for full-size, that includes the newspaper article to go with it!
Unknown date of article, but the SWL card shown is dated 9/22/36.

Steve Leverich, WN9AAD
(possibly now W9IK ?)

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