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The WV9O Collection

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United Nations Headquarters, 4U1UN, New York, NY

Jurgen Nittner, DJ6RD/W9

George Kepshire, K9DLJ

Ray Shanks, K9HSP
John WB9AUJ also held this call for a short while in tribute to his elmer, Ray.

Ralph Chandler, K9OXV

Leo Hoy, K9UUB

ARRL Headquarters, W1AW

"Gus" Gustafson, W9CAW (K9CA)

Bill Harney, W9SVZ
Chapter 36 Charter Member

Bill De Geer, WA9MOE (W9TY)

Earl Yoder, WA9OCQ

Jack Watts, WA9OTL

Milo Roscoe, WA9PQM

O.L. "Roy" Hammond, WA9ZQF

Nick Cominos, WB9JKO (W9UM)

Mike Kasrich, WB9PIR

Harry Leach, WB9PPT

Arthur Wortman, WB9QAL

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