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Chapter 36 - Northwest Indiana

~ Creaky Knees and Rusty Keys ~

We packed the small room at Round-The-Clock Restaurant with a new record attendance (36) for our January meeting. Thirty-six... hey, that's a good number! I think that all enjoyed their meals tonight and we were well-attended by two waitresses. But we had so many people to eat that we couldn't spare a table to display all the old FCC licenses that were brought in for our contest!

As you might have guessed, if Gene W9CWG showed up, he'd easily win this contest hands down... and he did! CONGRATULATIONS Gene!  (See Gene's 1946 W8YEG and other license photos at the bottom of this page.)  But if you can believe it, Gene's was not the oldest license in the room! Jim KF9EX brought in a 1933 ticket issued to Roy Hulvey, W9PLW, and also his dad's original license, Chapter 36 Charter Member Bill Harney, W9SVZ, from 1934. Jim's own entry, KN9ORQ, was from 1958. Unless we learn otherwise, the 2nd place winners would have to be Bob W9ORW and Bruce W9OTN who both have 1955 licenses, issued on exactly the same day! Troy KC9E had a 1977 license, and I had my first ticket from 1978. I'm sure I missed many others... so if you brought your license to this meeting, please scan it (color, 200 or 300 dpi) and email it to me here ( ) or I will be glad to scan it for you if you don't have a scanner. I will continue to add all the license contestants to this page as they come in.

A special CONGRATULATIONS to our QCWA Award winners this year! George Kelly, K9WWT, and Chuck Hill, KC9OYE, both received their 50th Anniversary Awards, and Bob Pence, W9ORW, received his 55th Anniversary Award (see pic below). I goofed and didn't realize that Bruce Balsley, W9OTN, is also due the 55th Anniversary Award, so we'll get that to him soon.

Pics by Stan W4SV. Click for a larger view.

50-year and 55-year Awards!

Attending: (in last name order)

Bruce (W9OTN) and Pam Balsley
Ken (N8COQ) and Luanne Barnes
Marv Boetcher (WV9O)
Kenny (KE9TC) and Jan Brown
Mike Broviak (N9MIK)
Ron Broviak (WA9RON)
Bill (N9CEG) and Linda Burns
Albert Cox (WY9J at the meeting, now W9COX)
"Gus" Gustafson (K9CA)
Carl (W9CJH) and Lila (N9ESS) Hallberg
Chuck Hanusin (K9GSV)
Jim Harney (KF9EX)
Troy (KC9E) and Claudette (KA9IXZ) Harrison
Chuck (KC9OYE) and Cherie Hill
George Kelly (K9WWT)
Dave (W9DN) and Fran Nicolaus
Paul (AE9P) and Bambi Patterson
Bob Pence (W9ORW)
Tom (W8FIB) and Cindy Ruggles
Danny (W9DWS) and Heather Scheetz
Don Smith (WA9KRT)
Stan Vandiver (W4SV)
Gene (W9CWG) and Helen Wiggins, and daughter Barb

Click licenses for a larger view too.
Did you bring one to this contest? Send it to me at and I'll post it here.

Gene W9CWG's original operator and station license (W8YEG) from 1946
The winner!

W9PLW's 1933 station license (left) and W9SVZ's 1934 station license (right)
The oldest!

W9ORW's (left) and W9OTN's (right) station license, issued on exactly the same day, Feb. 4, 1955!

KF9EX was KN9ORQ back in 1958

W4SV was first licensed as WD9ILO in 1978
Why Don't 9 Idiots Leave Office - Just as meaningful today as it was back then! ;-)

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