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Chapter 36 - Northwest Indiana

~ Creaky Knees and Rusty Keys ~

We are very sad to report the passing of our former chapter President, Ron Banaszak, W9FB, on December 29, 2015, at age 81. Ron was a QCWA Life Member and formerly held the calls WO9P and W9MDF (now his wife Reneta's call). He was one of only three QCWA Century Club holders in our chapter. Ron was a U.S. Army veteran and retired from Inland Steel where he worked in the power generating department. His family asked that donations be made in his memory to the Hospice of the Calumet Area, and we raised $232 at our January meeting for this request (see receipt below). Even more than that was raised because I know some of our members donated directly to the Hospice. Many thanks to all of those who donated.

With the new year comes new awards! We are very happy to present the 55-Year Anniversary Award to Ed W9ABN, Jim W9CTO, Allen W9DZ, Carl K9LA, and Gary WA6UOO (see photo). And we are especially happy to present the 70-Year Anniversary Award to Gene W9CWG! I hope that we can get more photos of these award winners at a future meeting.

Thanks to Tom, W8FIB, who brought in a 1924 Vibroplex bug and a code oscillator for us to admire and play with. Tom added a modern counterweight to slow the bug down a bit, and it worked great. The photos below are not Tom's key, but a similar one that I found on the web. Tom's also had the black Japaned base and gold pinstriping.

With the new year also comes a new election, but no changes again this year. Troy, KC9E, and I will continue on for another term. However, there will be a change to our meeting schedule. We have met monthly without fail for the past seven years, but this year will have only three meetings, in January, May, and September. Since our meeting place moves between three adjacent counties, this arrangement should work out nicely.

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Attending: (in last name order)

Bruce (W9OTN) and Pam Balsley
James (KC9KTV) and Nancy (KC9NEB) Beckner
Don (K9WHK) and Verneice Buchanan
Gary (WA6UOO) and Barb (KA6OJX) Cave
Dale (WB1FMW) and Inga Dickinson
Troy Harrison (KC9E)
Chuck (KC9OYE) and Cheri Hill
Dave (W9DN) and Fran Nicolaus
Alan Pitts (W1PIT)
Tom (W8FIB) and Cindy Ruggles
Danny (W9DWS) and Heather Scheetz
Stan Vandiver (W4SV)

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