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Chapter 36 - Northwest Indiana

~ Creaky Knees and Rusty Keys ~

Well, we dodged a bullet with a rather ominous weather warning for our February meeting... but the snow didn't arrive until later in the night, and it wasn't really too bad here in our northern counties after all. Luckily we had a good crowd watching the forecast and who took the chance to come out to Ryan's Buffet where we had a very good meal and a great time. A total of 21 people attended, some we haven't seen for awhile, and some joined us for the first time tonight.

We learned tonight that Troy, KC9E, our chapter Secretary-Treasurer had just had a heart attack on Monday and a stent put in on Tuesday... but he was there with us for dinner, taking photos, and brought an item for our show-and-tell. Wow, we are extremely happy to see Troy doing so well and recovering so quickly!

Troy's item for show-and-tell was an MFJ-890 Beacon Monitor. LED's light up around the world to show successful radio propagation on five frequency bands (14, 18, 21, 24, 28 MHz) using the International Beacon Network. This would be a useful tool for any ham operating the HF bands.

Gary, WA6UOO, showed us a home-brew boom microphone that he built from a design in April 2009 QST (Superior Audio from a $5 Boom Arm Mic, by Ron Wagner, WD8SBB, pages 78-80). A simple electret mic element is encased in PVC pipe and attached to an inexpensive boom arm from a desk lamp. Gary had not put this mic into operation yet, but it was well put together and looks like it would be a good design and a fairly easy project for beginner or expert. Recent articles (within the last 4 years) cannot be accessed on the ARRL's members-only QST archives, but you may be able to view the article here (try changing "View Mode" to book mode and enter in page 80... you don't have to register).

Dave, W9DN, brought us a photo of the 1997 Porter County ARC club officers and directors, which happened to include three of us at our QCWA meeting tonight: Dave W9DN, Levi WB9CAO, and Stan W4SV. It sure is great to look at old photos, but we sure miss our friend Gus W9HXO who became a SK some years ago (with the big bushy beard). Others in the photo are Larry N9GRJ, Bud N9WXY, and Dave W9NNK.

Thanks to all who brought us a show-and-tell this month! See pictures below.

Pics (except the last one) by Stan, W4SV. Click for larger view.

This photo from Dave W9DN

Attending: (in last name order)

Bruce (W9OTN) and Pam Balsley
Gary (WA6UOO) and Barb (KA6OJX) Cave
Carl (W9CJH) and Lila (N9ESS) Hallberg
Troy (KC9E) and Claudette (KA9IXZ) Harrison
Allen (W9DZ) and Carol Jones
Carl Konefsky (W9TAD)
Levi (WB9CAO) and Sue (N9EOX) Mayes
Dave (W9DN) and Fran Nicolaus
Dan (W9DWS) and Heather Scheetz
John (W8OCG) and Margie (W8MSN) Schick
Tom Travis (WA9NGO)
Stan Vandiver (W4SV)

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