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Chapter 36 - Northwest Indiana

~ Creaky Knees and Rusty Keys ~

The Blue Chip seems to be a very popular place to meet! We had a great turnout of 23 people show up in spite of the cold. Good times and good food were plentiful, although I won't make any guesses about gambling successes or failures.

I'd like to welcome three new members that signed up at (or because of) our table at the LaPorte Hamfest: Mike KD9AGJ and Tom WA9NGO are awaiting their new membership numbers, and Steve WD9FGZ joined us at the Blue Chip today with his new QCWA Number 36416. Thanks to all of you for joining the national organization, and I hope that you'll enjoy your association with our chapter. With any luck, we might still see some others sign up or renew too. I gave out a fair amount of membership applications and flyers at the hamfest, and we have already reaped a good return.

Thanks to Gary WA6UOO who brought in some show-and-tell items from his past. Gary attended the Fullerton (CA) Junior College, and that is his photo on the front of the brochure, probably from around 1961. It looks like very nice lab stations shown inside the brochure too. If I didn't confuse the story, I think that Gary and a partner produced the 911 Hands Free wireless microphone system shown in the other flyer. This was around 1990, long before bluetooth and other wireless technologies became so readily available. Oh, and that is Gary in the photo on this flyer too!

Photos by Stan W4SV. Click for larger view.

Attending: (in last name order)

Bruce (W9OTN) and Pam Balsley
Gary (WA6UOO) and Barb (KA6OJX) Cave
Ron Cutler (N9FKD)
Carl (W9CJH) and Lila (N9ESS) Hallberg, and daughter Kim
Troy Harrison (KC9E)
John (W9ZG) and Nancy Miller
Dave (W9DN) and Fran Nicolaus
Steve Peterka (WD9FGZ)
Carlos Santini (KA9JYO)
Danny (W9DWS) and Heather Scheetz
Don (KD9HI) and Marie Sims
Stan Vandiver (W4SV)
Gene (W9CWG) and Helen Wiggins, and daughter Barb

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