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Chapter 36 - Northwest Indiana

~ Creaky Knees and Rusty Keys ~

Here are some pictures from our second meeting (and election). Click the image for a better view.

The Gang
Table 1
The Place
Table 2
Where's my car?
Table 3

Table 1:
(left side, nearest to furthest): John NG9B, Robb N0DXP
(right side, nearest to furthest): Bruce W9OTN, Dan W9DWS, Carl W9TAD

Table 2:
(left side, nearest to furthest): Carl W9CJH, Troy KC9E, Troy's wife Claudette KA9IXZ
(right side, nearest to furthest): John W9ZG, Bob W9ORW

Table 3:
(left side, nearest to furthest): Tom W8FIB, Joel W9WJU
(right side, nearest to furthest): Rich N9PR, Rich's wife Lucy, George K9WWT

(Stan, W4SV taking pictures. Also not shown Dan, W9DWS's wife Heather and their children.)

Our "contest" for this meeting was to bring the oldest dated QSL card. I only noted 3 entries in the event, but others might have had cards I didn't see. George, K9WWT brought a card from 1960. Bruce, W9OTN brought a card from 1955 (QSO with W9SVZ). And the winner is.... (drum roll, please)... John, W9CG had a card from 1954 (QSO with WN0RVE). Congratulations John! And THANKS! to all for bringing in those prized possessions! This contest may come back again, so it might be a good idea to keep digging in those old shoeboxes!

With no objections from the floor, we had our first election of officers. There were two candidates for the two offices, making election unnecessary. Your new President is Stan/W4SV and Secretary-Treasurer is Troy/KC9E. Email and other contact info will be found elsewhere on the website.

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