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Chapter 36 - Northwest Indiana

~ Creaky Knees and Rusty Keys ~

Wow, our attendance picked up nicely (36 people) for our April meeting at Suzie's Cafe. Was the food the attraction (which was delicious)? The beautiful spring weather? Or was it that Friday might be more popular than Thursday for our meetings? I guess we will ponder that in the future and maybe try some more Friday evenings too as chance allows.

The membership agreed to upgrade the 1st Place prize in our current membership drive contest. So now we will award a $50 CASH PRIZE to the 1st Place winner who recruits the most new members before our August meeting. I hope you find this a little more motivating! The 2nd Place winner will now get the 2011 ARRL Periodical CD-ROM and QCWA mousepad, and the 3rd Place winner will get the QCWA mousepad only. We had a couple of new renewals since our last meeting: Don KD9HI and Bill W9OPR... THANKS guys! Remember that your renewals count in our membership drive contest, but only in conjunction with new members recruited. The full contest rules and a scorecard of the current standings are available on the Contest Page.

We had many great show-and-tell items this month. Tom W8FIB brought his 1937 (or 1938) McElroy telegraph key and its wooden shipping box, and also a few special QSL cards. You may have recognized one of those cards... its owner was at dinner with us, K9WHK! Bruce W9OTN also brought a telegraph key, an unusual vertical key (and an oscillator so we could play with it). The single paddle still swiped sideways, but the mechanism was mounted vertically on the base rather than laid out horizontally as is normally done. Rich 'Doc' Lochner K9CIV brought his Panama Canal Transit Award for working them on 10 meters back in his early days (1979). Dale AC2E brought a neat little gadget, a mobile digital video recorder (DVR), more commonly known as a dash cam. It has a sturdy suction cup mount for your vehicles windshield, runs continuously off of a cigarette lighter or power accessory socket, and can take high definition video and also very good quality resolution still photos (12 megapixel, I think). This handy little gadget lists for only $35 on the Internet. You can see it online with more specs here. Also on display were our 2nd and 3rd Place contest prizes. Thanks to all who brought items in for our show-and-tell!

Membership Drive Contest Update: Dennis, K9JZZ, is still our current leader with one new member signed up... himself! But a score of one should be easy to beat, so come on out and play, and get some new members signed up with QCWA! The latest contest updates will always be kept current on the Contest Page. Remember: 1st Prize is now $50 CASH!

Photos by Stan W4SV. Click for larger view.
(Higher resolution photos are almost always available. Email if you want a better copy.)

Attending: (in last name order)

Bruce (W9OTN) and Pam Balsley
Kenny (KE9TC) and Jan Brown
Don (K9WHK) and Verneice Buchanan
John Gianotti (W9WY)
Carl (W9CJH) and Lila (N9ESS) Hallberg
Troy (KC9E) and Claudette (KA9IXZ) Harrison
Dale Kempf (AC2E)
Rich (K9CIV) and Marcia Lochner
Carl Luetzelschwab (K9LA)
John Miller (W9ZG)
Dave Nicolaus (W9DN)
Paul (AE9P) and Bambi Patterson
John (W3ML) and Paula Poindexter
Tom (W8FIB) and Cindy Ruggles
Bill Shortz (K9BZM)
Don (KD9HI) and Marie Sims
Mike Stein (WB9NOO)
Tom (WA9NGO) and Maureen Travis
Stan (W4SV) and Deanna (W4DLV) Vandiver
Larry (N9GRJ) and Sue (KB9QDY) Wigent
Gene (W9CWG) and Helen Wiggins, and daughter Barb

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