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Chapter 36 - Northwest Indiana

~ Creaky Knees and Rusty Keys ~

Here are some pictures from our May 6th meeting at "the boat". The Exotic QSL contest was won by Stan W4SV for his scrapbook of numerous voice and packet space contacts with shuttles and space stations. You can hear Stan's voice contacts with many extra-terrestrials on his website.

Click the image for a better view. (Pics by Troy KC9E)

The Gang
The Gang
KC9E and W9OTN
KC9E and W9OTN
W9ZG and W4SV
W9ZG and W4SV
W9ZG and W4SV
W9ZG and W4SV

The Gang included 10 members and guests (listed below) for a two-for-one all-you-can-eat lunch buffet at the Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City. Very good food, very reasonable price!

The Star of the Show was John W9ZG (on left) being presented awards for his 50 Year Anniversary, 50 Years Continuously Licensed, and 55 Year Anniversary. Stan W4SV is presenting.

This meeting was to cast the final vote on a vanity club call sign for our Chapter. The race was tight down to the wire! Going in to our meeting, W9EGQ led by one vote. Troy KC9E changed his vote from 'EGQ to K9QCW... oh no, a tie! Well, the President gets to break a tie, and I already had a plan anyway. I had learned that clubs may receive more than one call, and our second call was already applied for, but not received by our meeting date. But I let everyone know what was up my sleeve: Chapter 36 will get BOTH calls! The FCC issued KC9PNQ to us on 4/14/09, and we received KC9PTV on 5/11/09. Soon they will both be turned in for W9EGQ and K9QCW.


(left side, nearest to furthest)
Pam Balsley
Claudette Harrison KA9IXZ
Dan Scheetz W9DWS
Stan Vandiver W4SV
John Miller W9ZG

(right side, nearest to furthest)
Bruce Balsley W9OTN
Troy Harrison KC9E (not shown, taking the picture)
George Kelly K9WWT
Dave Nicolaus W9DN
Carl Hallberg, W9CJH

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