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Chapter 36 - Northwest Indiana

~ Creaky Knees and Rusty Keys ~

We had a unusually light turnout (17) for our September meeting, but it turned into another Awards Night because we were pleased and surprised to be joined by Chapter 36 Past President Ron Banaszak, W9FB, and his lovely bride Renee, W9MDF. I reported last month that I had mailed Ron his 55-Year and Century Club Awards (see below), and I included in the package an invitation to come see us, if he would, and get his picture in the QCWA Journal with his awards. And he took me up on it! Not only that, but Wednesday happened to be Ron's 78th birthday! I was not aware of it before, but Golden Corral will give you a free dinner on your birthday, so Ron came out pretty good at this meeting... awards, free food, as well as new and renewed friendships. Welcome back to Chapter 36, Ron. I hope you will visit us often!

We also welcomed newcomer Mike Rohwedder, WU9D, from Highland, to our chapter for the first time. Mike just recently joined the QCWA with a Life Membership. What a great way to jump in with both feet (and your pocketbook!). Mike has also just recently returned to ham radio, and to the United States, after spending the last 16 years in Australia working as an IT Manager. His current interest is in the digital modes, and he is working the world using indoor antennas from his apartment.

You probably already know, but just a reminder that the QCWA has been sailing in some tough financial waters lately. They will get through it, but you may notice some of the cost cutting measures being taken, such as a downgrade in the quality of the QCWA Journal. The new look of the Journal is not only about money, but it is also partly due to the change of editors and publishing contractors that occurs with a change of General Managers which happened this past spring.

New and renewing memberships are very important for the QCWA's future. They have restructured their membership dues requirements so that now you can be a member with or without the printed Journal. It can save you, and QCWA, a lot of money if you choose to receive the Journal in digital PDF form instead of paper. The PDF's are free of DRM (Digital Rights Management) so you can save them forever and view them with the free Adobe Reader program. If you haven't already, please check out the eJournal on your QCWA Members Only page at http://www.qcwa.org/members/login.php.

If you are ready to renew your QCWA membership, the best place to start is right here. This is the page that shows the many different options available, and there are links from here to online applications for both renewals and for new members. Know someone who is eligible and might be interested in joining? Please share this link with them! Thanks!

Pics below by Stan W4SV (click for larger view)
(And click here to see why I take multiple pictures at our meetings!)

CONTEST for October meeting: Winner will be the first person to email me and correctly identify whose face is photoshopped in on one of the following six pictures (must include a description of HOW you identified the photo editing... what gave it away to you). The CASH PRIZE will be $15 in U.S. currency. (That will probably be enough to buy your dinner for the meeting.)

Winner MUST BE PRESENT at the October meeting to claim prize! If the first person with the correct submission does not attend the October meeting, the prize will go to the second person if he/she attends. If that fails, the prize will go to the third person if he/she attends, and so on, until someone wins or until there are no more people with the correct answer.

Remember you must tell my HOW you spotted my photo editing, in addition to identifying the correct person who was photoshopped in. You do not have to know the person's name... you can identify by "Pic #1", "Pic #2", etc and by "woman on left" or "man in background" type descriptions if you don't know the name. This contest is open to both members and guests. You may submit NOT MORE THAN TWO GUESSES since our attendance was low... that is, you can't just keep guessing until you get the right person! You can email me if you have any further question on this contest. If more contest rules are needed, I will make them up as I go along!   :-)

Pic #1

Pic #2

Pic #3

Pic #4

Pic #5

Pic #6

Ron, W9FB's 55-Year and Century Club Awards. (click for larger view)


Attending: (in last name order)

Bruce (W9OTN) and Pam Balsley
Ron (W9FB) and Renee (W9MDF) Banaszak
Don (K9WHK) and Verneice Buchanan
Jim Harney (KF9EX)
Chuck (KC9OYE) and Cheri Hill
Dave Nicolaus (W9DN)
Ed Perosky (K9TZT)
Mike Rohwedder (WU9D)
Tom (W8FIB) and Cindy Ruggles
Don (KD9HI) and Marie Sims
Stan Vandiver (W4SV)

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