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Larry LeKashman, W2AB/W2IOP
Aug. 4, 1921 - Sept. 24, 1978
QCWA #10090

First licensed 1936
Also held W8AB, W8IOP, W9IOP, and KZ5OP

One of Larry LeKashman's close personal friends, Jim Danehy, W9VNE, who now lives in Ohio, was kind enough to contact me and provide copies of many of Larry's QSL cards. Larry elmered Jim when he was a young teenager in South Bend, and their friendship lasted until Larry passed away in 1978.

In December 2015, I received an email from a relative of Larry's: Mike Millard, N6BWS. Click here to read Mike's email and early recollections.

Obviously Larry moved around a bit (or had multiple homes) and changed calls a number of times. Following the QSL trail below, it seems that Larry held W2IOP throughout his life (you were allowed to hold more than one call in the past). He had a long history in the South Bend area, and as an Electro-Voice executive in Buchanan, Michigan (he was President of Electro-Voice from 1969-71 and held other Vice-President positions with them). Larry was an avid DX'er and contester, and he also served as an early Editor of CQ Magazine for a time.

Thanks to an agreement with CQ Magazine and Buckmaster Publishing, you can search CQ Archives since their very first publication in January 1945 (except the most recent two years), and you can view the first 10 pages of each edition for free. A subscription is required to view the articles, but the free search allowed me to find some details about Larry LeKashman's history with them.

      First article by W2IOP in CQ's second magazine, February 1945
      Assistant Editor from Apr 1945 - Apr 1946
      Managing Editor from Apr 1946 - Feb 1949
      Editor from Feb - Oct 1949
      Other articles by, and mentions of, Larry with his various calls continued after he left CQ.

The following photo was provided by Jim Danehy, W9VNE
Hal Brooks W9VW on left, at age 58, and Larry LeKashman W9IOP seated, at age 46

The following QSL's were provided by Jim Danehy, W9VNE also

(Click here to see the back of 1953 W9IOP card.)

(Click here to see the back of W8AB card.)

(Click here to see the back of W2AB card.)

(Click here to see the back of KZ5OP card.)

This photo stolen from the Ham Gallery
W9IOP left, W2JDR right (1959)

The next four QSLs provided by Bob Green, W8JYZ




The following QSLs provided by Jurgen Nittner, N9RD (from the estate of Hal Brooks, W9VW)
There are front and back images for all cards, click on each for a larger view.

This special oversized card (5x7) was sent to W2IOP for a 1946 QSO with EP1C in Iran. (Postmarked 1947)

This card is probably from Feb-Oct 1949 since it shows Larry as Editor of CQ
(but could be earlier when he was Assistant Editor or Managing Editor)

1949 Sweepstakes QSL

1950 Sweepstakes QSL

Also licensed as W9IOP at this time.

1951 Sweepstakes QSL
Vice-President of Electro-Voice (see back of chair).

1952 Sweepstakes QSL

1959 Sweepstakes QSL (ex-W8IOP)


Larry's final QSL.
Still licensed as W2IOP. Formerly W9IOP and W8AB .

Jurgen N9RD also donated 4 QSL's (W2IOP and W9IOP) to our QCWA Chapter 36. Thanks Jurgen!

Thanks to former QCWA General Manager, Chuck Walbridge, K1IGD, for his help, including the following documents:

Page 1, Electro-Voice letter to QCWA: 100 dpi or 200 dpi
Page 2, Electro-Voice letter to QCWA: 100 dpi or 200 dpi

Page 1, Electro-Voice obituary: 100 dpi or 200 dpi
Page 2, Electro-Voice obituary: 100 dpi or 200 dpi

Copy of South Bend Tribune obituary: 100 dpi or 200 dpi

Recollections of Mike Millard, N6BWS, a relative of Larry's.

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