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Stan Vandiver, W4SV
QCWA Life Member #31941

Stan's website

My son Bobby and me (2001)

QSLs provided by Stan, W4SV

The QSL's below show the first Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) I saw/photographed from my home.

Stan's first license

Stan's Korean license HL9KG (click for larger view)

Paul McGinty was W4SV from 1934-1988. (SK)

These QSLs provided by Bob Green, W8JYZ

I am honored that Dave W9DN nominated me for this, even though I didn't win.
(Click for larger view)

Thanks to Ron, W9FB, who requested this award for me.
(Click for larger view)

Ron, W9FB, had more to say than the above award allowed!.
(Click for larger view)

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