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Chapter 36 - Northwest Indiana

~ Creaky Knees and Rusty Keys ~

1986 Video History

You can right-click on these files and save in .WMV format (320x240). But if you want many (or all) of them, please email , and request a copy of the 2-DVD set, or you can request a larger format version (720x480) of individual videos. Our bandwidth is donated to us and we don't want to abuse it, so please just view/download the people that you are really interested in. Thanks.

Click here to download a copy of the DVD Cover/Table of Contents. (402 kb PNG)

1986 Officers and Charter Members

W9JZA (SK), Gil Galambus, Chapter 36 Charter Member and former President (982 kb)

W9MDF, Ron Banaszak (now W9FB), Chapter 36 former President (7.1 MB)

W9PBS (SK), John Miller, Chapter 36 Charter Member (2 MB)

W9QCW (SK), Jim Patterson, Chapter 36 former Secretary-Treasurer (2.1 MB)

W9SNF (SK), Neil "Snuffy" Barry, Chapter 36 Charter Member (1.1 MB)


K9AMC (SK), Chris Kovacheff (7.5 MB)

K9OXV (SK), Ralph Chandler (1.1 MB)

N9QX (SK), Leo Jendraszkiewicz (1.8 MB)

W8LPS (SK), George Hacker (828 kb)

W9BOX (SK), "Mo" Pallotto (3.2 MB)

W9CHK (SK), John Palis (1.4 MB)

W9HPQ (SK), Andy Janiga (1.7 MB)

W9NGB (SK), John "Spud" Spudic (1.3 MB)

W9PKA (SK), Art Mahnke (5.5 MB)

21st Century Videos

W9DN, Dave Nicolaus (20 MB)